Sunday, August 9, 2015

Washing and Weeding Wild Weekend

What's a woman to do when she's left child-less and boyfriend-less for an entire weekend? Sleep in, party hard and drink a ton of wine!!!!

Wait, no. Crap. None of those things happened.


Instead, I spent two and a half days conquering my "long-term house project to do list." Yeah, totally not exciting. I came home Friday evening and immediately jumped into full on haul ass mode. Grabbed the hose and a bucket of a laundry soap/bleach concoction and washed the entire exterior of my house with a scrub brush. Three hours later and smelling like bleach, I wrapped up and slipped into a coma at some point during my dinner. One minute I'm bingeing on green beans and Oreos (balanced diet?), and the next, I'm crawling into bed at 8:45 on a Friday night.

Like I said, I party hard.

Saturday, I declared war on my weed bed-of-doom bright and early. Landscaping has been the most drawn out process ever, but it's finally starting to take shape. Last summer, I put down the edgers and started planting an assortment of flowers, plants and blueberry bushes. I had let the grass and weeds just continue to grow until I was ready for landscaping fabric and rocks. Welp, that time is now.

Six hours later, I made it 2/3 of the way through one of the two soon-to-be rock beds. Productivity came to a screeching halt for two reasons... 1.) I lost all motor function in both hands, and 2.) I filled my yard waste bin with so much dirt, there's no way even the mechanical arm on the garbage truck will be able to lift it. You wanna know how I know this? Welp. I've gotten myself into this predicament before.

Way to go, derp.

And although adorable, Zora is zero help.

So the rest of the weekend consisted of catching on up freelance work, Etsy orders, invites and decor for Baby Bear Schelhas' shower, and more green bean bingeing. (I think an intervention is needed for my sautéed garlic and cheese green bean addiction this summer. Yikes.) And maybe a little bit of time was spent moping around... Dan's gone at drill for the next three weeks and I kinda miss him. Like a lot a lot.

Brody was at a cousin's birthday party this afternoon, so I got him back a little later than normal, but we made the best of the few hours before bed time. So I also have to quick share these two incredibly sweet recent Brody moments. On Friday, a friend's daughter started at Brody's daycare. They had only met one other time, but I received a couple texts sharing how gentlemanly and sweet Brody was being towards Ava. Proud mama bear! 

And then Brody serenaded me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in it's entirety while we rocked before bed. He's never sang me an entire song before, and I may or may not have started to cry. He grinned so hard the entire time and was so proud of himself for knowing all the words (more or less.) My little boy is growing up so fast! You Are My Sunshine and Twinkle Twinkle are the two songs that I sing to him every night and it was so special to hear him sing it back to me. 

Parents, you know what I'm talking about. :)
(No visual, but listen to the audio... it's super cute.)

Anyways, have a great week everyone. Semi-short week for me... taking Friday off to head up North for #TankAndTerrorGoCamping part 2.
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