Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Updates from the Zoo

Please excuse my absence as of late, but between running a small business and a small zoo, my plate tis full. I'm powering through the days running on only a couple hours of sleep each night and dangling from the end of my rope. Someone... anyone... please send wine.

Peanut has been living with me for the last week and a half while my parents are on vacation. Peanut is a blind, one-eyed chihuahua with a whole slew of medical issues that require a medley of insulin shots, pills and eye drops every day. And of course, Brody's molars decide to start poking through now... so I spend my evenings with a yipping chihuahua and a hysterical toddler... both who refuse to sleep. Zora and I have sought out refuge in the laundry room the last couple nights. In theory, they can't find us in there... right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Ashley and I went out to dinner on Friday night and she forced me treated me to a haircut. I'm pretty sure she and Mama Z have conspired together to make sure I look like a presentable human being when I go on dates. But my hair doesn't look like a complete hack job anymore, so thanks, Skiss. :)

I had every intention of spending Valentine's Day home alone, snuggling with the puppies and a bottle of wine... but it actually turned out to be a great night. Good food... great company... lots of promise. ;)

Side note: West Michigan friends... mark your calendars on April 18! My sister and I will be selling jewelry and paper goods at the craft fair hosted by Lebanon Lutheran Church in Whitehall. I will be featuring several products from my shop as well as a handful of brand new prints and other goodies. Speaking of the Etsy shop, don't forget that 40% of February's proceeds will be donated to the Animal Placement Bureau to celebrate Zora's 4th birthday. Get your orders in now!
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