Monday, October 27, 2014

Ohio is for Lovers: Meeting the Family Pt. II

After an incredibly busy last few months with work (for both Ryan and myself), we decided to take advantage of some time off and spend a long weekend in Ohio with his family. There were still several family members I hadn't had a chance to meet prior to this weekend, so I was especially looking forward to this trip. 

We hit the road Thursday afternoon. I love road trips. Especially when it's just the two of us. I feel like some of the best conversations are had in the car and that quality time is just priceless. Plus it was a perfect Fall day. 

Friday morning, a few of us went golfing. And by golfing, I mean, they guys golfed and I drove the golf cart and yelled at them to "do better." :) The view, the weather and the company were perfect. The golfing... not so much.

After golf, the four of us went and grabbed pizza and then some drinks. Couldn't have asked for a better evening. I love Ryan's family. Spending time with and getting to know them is effortless. 

...especially Sadie who is the best cuddler ever! Why can't Zora spoon like this?! Such a sweet girl.

Saturday, we went and toured the Victoria's Secret Distribution Center. It was really awesome to see what Ryan does for a living and really understand what it is about his job that requires so much travel and such long days. 

It was funny to observe the office "decor" there. Only at Victoria's Secret is it employee handbook acceptable to have posters of half naked women in their bras and panties plastered all over your office walls. I'm sure it has no effect on productivity and the attention span of the male species... 

Saturday was a lazy day of football. When you're in Ohio, no one seems to give a shit about the Michigan - Michigan State game. But holy cow look out when Penn State takes OSU into double OT. Goodness.

I also got my baby fix in. :) Ryan's step-sister brought over her 6-month-old lil bug. Gaaaaah. ♥  And nothing makes the boyfriend turn pale quite like when you mention having baby fever. Oops. ;)

Overall, phenomenal weekend. Looking forward to spending some quality time with my babies tonight, but I'm so glad I got to finally meet the rest of Ryan's family and have a relaxing weekend.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.
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