Monday, August 18, 2014

Love and Goulets: Wedding Day

If you follow me on any social media platform, sorry for the explosion of wedding pictures this weekend! Well, no, I'm not sorry but whatever.

This past Saturday was the long awaited Goulet wedding! My baby sister is finally married to the man of her dreams and I couldn't be more excited for the two of them.

The couple was married at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Spring Lake and the reception was held at the Fruitport Golf Course. Ryke's catering and bakery left me needing to lie flat on the floor and recover from my food coma. The incredibly talented Kari Douma Photography has me refreshing her Facebook page every 30 seconds awaiting even just a sneak peak. Kari and Jayne are wonderful people and never disappoint. I simply cannot wait for the photos! 

My little ring bearer looked incredibly handsome in his little tux and bow tie! Even though he refused to wear the sign down the aisle and fought us on every single picture, he was adorable.  

Thank God for Ryan. I put him on Brody duty for the day and he did remarkable. Whether it was walking laps around the church when he started to get cranky or getting him to smile during pictures, I wouldn't have survived Saturday without him. For a guy who doesn't have any experience taking care of children, he stepped up to the plate and did an amazing job. Thanks babe! xo

For my toast, I dug out this pretend "personal ad" that I had created for Ashley 3 years ago after she ended a long-term relationship. Normally public speaking really doesn't rattle me, but I shook like a leaf during both the reading at church and while I was giving my toast at dinner. My toast was well received which made me pretty stoked. Plus Ryan and I caught the garter and bouquet, so... yay! :)

Thank you everyone who attended and supported Ashley and Adam on their special day. The happy couple is currently cruising around Chicago and will take their "real" honeymoon this Winter in St. Lucia.

For more wedding photos, click here!
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