Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Lately

Hello Internet. Tis finally wedding week. Because I suck at keeping my blog updated lately, thought I'd give you a quick rundown of what everyone's been up to before I start blowing up your news feed with wedding related pictures and posts...

ZORA: My crazy girl seems to finally be back at 100% or damn near close. She had a couple bouts of garbage gut since weaning off of her medications, but I've noticed it's usually after days I leave the sliding door open for her while I'm at work. Stupid likes to wander the yard and eat eeeeevvveerryything. Zora, you are not a cow... knock it off. 

BRODY: My brain cannot handle how much he has grown up in the past couple months. His vocabulary has grown exponentially, his independence is incredible and we're awaiting a free weekend to take the plunge with potty training. Mama Z and I worked very hard to get him comfortable in the water again and now he absolutely loves the pool and splash pad. I've been packing quite a few things away this week (highchair, clothes, etc.) and even though it makes me want to cry that he's growing up so fast, I'm excited for all the new stages in his life too. He's also on a test run at a new daycare this week. Current daycare is on vacation so I took this as an opportunity to see what else is out there and I'm very excited to hopefully switch to this new place. Brody had a wonderful time today hanging out with two new lovely ladies and I was greeted with nothing but smiles at the end of the day. :)

RYAN: Even though he's at 88% travel for the year, we still find time to see each other. I couldn't be happier and am very excited to spend the entire weekend with him before he leaves again for work for the next two and a half weeks. xo

ASHLEY: The bride-to-be is counting down the final days as Miss Zylstra. Her and I have a mani/pedi date tomorrow, then rehearsal on Friday and Saturday's the big day! We're praying for sunshine, a cooperative Lil Man and everything to run smoothly. 

ME: I've been trying to keep my head above water these last few weeks. Work is crazy busy as well as the freelancing, my Etsy sales are booming (in large part to this recent post on Trend Hunter... thanks guys!), divorce nonsense (yeah... that's STILL going on) and then there's all the wedding related shenanigans. I'm so anxious for life to settle down a bit after this weekend. Wait... does that ever happen? 

Have a great night everyone and be on the lookout for all the wedding bliss over the next few days!
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