Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Love and Goulets: Couples Shower

T-minus one month until my little sister ties the knot! Wait... one month?! Well shit, I guess I better get going on that MOH speech and figure out how I'm going to squeeze into my bridesmaid dress after all the wedding festivities these last couple weeks. What a pig.

Anyways, Adam's family hosted a couples shower this past Saturday evening. Sadly, I went stag. My main men were too busy with sleepovers at Aunt Cindy's house and working out of town. Boooooo. :(

The evening got started with a hilarious round of "whose leg is this?" Adam and Ashley took turns being blindfolded and groping everyone's legs. The goal was to identify one another. 

Ashley narrowed it down to Adam, his dad and his uncle. Hmm... apparently the Goulet men have very similar legs. However, she successfully singled out Adam after further uncomfortable groping. 

Adam managed it narrow it down to Ashley..... and his sister Ashley! Oooooh, that's awkward. Thankfully, he chose the right Ashley (for his own sake.)

Best photo of the night!

Most of the bridesmaids...

And then there's these dorks. Awkward touching and flipper arm, judgmental Ben and those two lovebirds in the middle sharing a special moment. No dull moments anticipated at this wedding.

Obligatory maid-of-honor and best man photos. Ash and I look cute... well, I guess so do those two weirdos.

And of course the mamas and the papas...

Overall, the evening was wonderful. The rain let up just enough to have some of the celebration outside, the food was amazing and there was booze. Duh. Plus I got to briefly catch up with Adam's people who are all guys I graduated from high school with. Welp, better get going on that MOH speech. Uncomfortable stories about why we nicknamed Ashley "Stinky" and her laundry list of ex-boyfriends are acceptable topics, right? ;)
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