Monday, July 7, 2014

God Bless 'Merica

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as I did! New things were planned/happened each day and for once I wasn't such a hermit. Even though Brody was scheduled to be with his dad all weekend, I'm very glad I had Thursday and Friday off from work so we were able to spend two whole days together. Ryan, who was supposed to be in New Jersey working all weekend, had a change of schedule so we got to spend the entire weekend together as well.

Ryan is quite the experienced landscaper and volunteered to spend his first day off in months working on the front of my house. He did such a fantastic job... I can't believe the difference it made! Lil Man and Zora spent most of the day perched in the living room windows watching him work and barking out orders. 

What a guy! :)

Lil Man, Zora and I hung around the house Friday morning until it was nice enough for pool time at Grandma and Grandpa Z's house. Despite being on the crabby side due to teething, he's also apparently going through a huge growth spurt. Slept for 14 hours straight, took a 2 hour morning nap despite only being awake for 90 minutes, then slept an additional 3 hours in the afternoon. Holy cow, kid! We did sneak in a little bit of pool time together before he left for his dad's.

Once Brody left, Ryan, Mom, Dad and I got ready to go out and have some dinner at The Deck and watch Steve Rivers perform. We met up with quite a few family members and friends and the weather was perfect. 

Of course, who could pass up a beautiful night without a walk out on the pier? 

Mom and Dad Z always said the true test of a relationship is how well you can survive together on a tandem bike, so the four of us hit the road and made the loop from Muskegon to Grand Haven and back through Spring Lake and Fruitport. Being the first real trip of the season for all of us, the buns were a bit sore, but it was a great ride and much appreciated time together. For the record, Ryan and I did just fine. ;)

It was also our duty of lifelong Michiganders to show the Indiana native what a real lake looked like. After our bike ride, we loaded up the coolers with a picnic dinner and got the boat ready. Although a little choppy, we gave Ryan the official tour of Muskegon Lake, Bear Lake and Lake Michigan. 

We dropped anchor in Bear Lake where the water was a bit calmer and ate our sandwiches just like we used to do when Ash and I were kids. Oh the memories...

...and of course, what long weekend isn't summed up by a picture of all 3 dogs and both the guys snoring? 

I hope everyone else enjoyed the long weekend and hopefully Monday wasn't too unbearable! 

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