Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love and Goulets: Bridal Shower

My beautiful sister, the future Mrs. Goulet, had her second bridal shower this past Sunday. Hosted by our aunts and Grandma Neiser, it turned out beautifully and we could not have had better weather. Yes, a bit warm but after the winter we just had, I'm not complaining. 

Guys, can we just stop for a second and check out how hot my mom and sister two sisters are?! For reals. I pray at 29-ish I can still look that good! ;)

Beautiful decorations... amazing food... I ate 2 servings of everything... whatever. Exactly what I need to be doing a week before I get my bridesmaid dress fitted... c'mon, Andrea.

How cool is that backdrop my aunt put together with the help of her Silhouette and a shower curtain!? (Because it's a shower... duh.) ;)

These went in my belly. My belly was pleased.

The beautiful hosts and bride-to-be! And then there's all seven of us Neiser cousins. Everyone looked so beautiful! 

We discovered, with the help of a little game, that Adam knows my sister's favorite food is pizza rolls, she loves to use her coupons at Kohls and he's a big fan of her boobs (but then again, who isn't?) ;)

Mamas and sisters. In only a few months, there are going to be two Ashley Goulets who could pass for biological sisters. I'm pretty sure those two look more related than my own sister and I do. Weird. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make the shower a total success!! Only 73 more days!
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