Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fast Cars and Country Living: Meeting the BFs Family and Friends

It's been quite awhile since I've left the Mitten. Shoot, it's been a while since I traveled outside my 30 mile West Michigan triangle. Between needing a little break from life and awaiting Ryan's return from commissioning sites, I was so excited all week for our trip to his hometown in Indiana. Although super busy and always on the go, it was a much needed break and some time together.

Took off Friday to head to his best friend's house in West Lafayette. He and his wife were such wonderful hosts and let us crash there all weekend. They invited another couple over and we grilled out, played some games and spent the evening out on the patio. It was such an awesome time.

Of course these furry guys and I are BFFs now. The terrier is Lily and Gabby is the other woman in Ryan's life. What big babies. 

...and then there's Colby. He's my BFF too.

Saturday morning, we helped Ryan's sister move into a new apartment. I was fortunate enough to meet his two sisters, their boyfriends and his younger brother. All such wonderful people!

Their aunt and uncle hosted a graduation party later that afternoon. A beautiful, quiet evening out in the country enjoying some cornhole, a Euchre tournament, too much food and a campfire. Well, it was quiet until the boys rolled out the restored 1973 Corvette. 

Ryan took me for a leisurely cruise around the block. Shit, who am I kidding... we wanted to see what that baby could do. I'm not a car enthusiast by any means, but it was a hell of a ride and made me at least appreciate its awesomeness.  

How could anyone not appreciate some good ol' country living? Beautiful.

Sunday morning, we met back up with his friends to eat ourselves silly at Triple XXX on the Purdue campus. Apparently it's not only an awesome place for drunk food a midnight snack, it was featured on The Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Ermahgerd. Thank God for elastic waistbands. 

Since we had a few hours to kill before graduation, Ryan took me on a tour of the Purdue campus. Despite school being out for summer, all of the athletic facilities were unlocked so we may have snuck inside for a peak. Between the Corvette and checking out the football field and other arenas, my gearhead/sports nut of a boyfriend was like a kid in a candy store this weekend. LoL!

Even though it didn't float my boat quite like it did his, it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside and it was cool to see where he went to school.

Our last adventure of the weekend was watching his little brother graduate high school. This weekend was so wonderful and much needed. I loved getting to meet all his friends and family so I can finally put a face with a name. 

It was quite a new experience for me. It was my first official "meet the parents/family." Like ever. So a bit nervous, but I think it went really well. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Praying that Brody's "eye-teeth" poke through this week so my little man feels better and that we find some answers when we take Miss Zora to the MSU animal clinic on Wednesday. Stay tuned and keep praying!!
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