Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Boy and his Dog

I'm no dog whisperer, but Zora's thoughts were loud and clear this weekend... "Omg mom, isn't it time for Brody to go to bed yet? Please?!"

These two have been hilarious to watch over the last week. They've really figured out how to play with each other which is a total bonus for mommy. They entertain each other and I just make sure they're safe. Win.

However, by the end of this weekend, Zora was frantically looking for a place to hide and take a nap. Lil Man said the heck with an afternoon nap today and was wired. I bought this new dog bed for both the kids (no, seriously) and now every time Zora crawls in it, Brody has to join her. It's adorable and thank God Zora is so patient with him. That poor dog. LoL.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Claiming territory? 

Yes, we also sit in the dog's toy basket now. Of course.

If those eyes don't say, "get him away from me"... I'm not sure what does.

Gah, they're so adorable. xoxo
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