Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Adventures of Tank and Terror

Yet another snowed-in weekend for me and the lil ones. Yesterday we tried something a little different... and I had a whole bunch of pictures... until my new iPhone decided to betray me last night. Sadness. Anyways, Brody and I ventured out to the Westshore Mall to hang out in the play area. We've never done this before... and probably won't do it again. A bunch of parent-less children, well over the 48" height limit, were playing tag. Two of them pushed off of Brody and another one jumped off of the slide onto him. I can neither confirm nor deny that I went a bit ape shit on these 10-ish year olds. 

So we said the hell with that and tried out mall walking. Apparently this is a very exciting endeavor and will probably do this again in the near future. Brody thought he was the cat's meow struttin' through the mall. All the other mall walkers smiled and waved every time we passed them. Guess all Lil Man needed was a change of scenery and some substantial running room. Thank God the Westshore Mall is the most deserted shopping center in history!

Then there's today... a lot of chasing and playing. Typical Sunday in the Archambault household. 

"Hey... call Grandma Z. She gives more treats than mommy."

At least I wasn't the only one working from home this weekend. Brody was obviously working very hard on something. Must be taking after Grandpa Z... glued to a phone and laptop.

Then there's this effing snow. I read that Holland, as of Feb 7, was at 115" for the season. We've only gone 11 days since December 1 without it snowing. My snowblower doesn't even make it over the snowbanks anymore. I'm done with you winter.

So is Lil Man.

These two are the most adorable things ever. I'm serious.

My big girl (who will be 3 years old tomorrow!)

Spiderman... or something. 

Someone figured out how to crawl up into the furniture this weekend. Oh goody. As if the window ledge wasn't enough to worry about...

"Eat that one next Zora... now that one..."

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Mine is going to be crazy again for sure. I could sure use a breather at work... any time now.
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