Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blogiversary and Weekend Recap

Today marks my 3rd blogiversary! That's 3 years of endless rants about furry children, babies and DIY projects. A huge thank you to all my loyal readers for actually making me feel like my mundane, repetitive lifestyle is somewhat intriguing. 

Anyways... Thursday night, Ash and I decided to do something a little different and checked out the Ladies Night Out put on by a local chiropractor. It was fun... we did a hand wax treatment, shopped, had our picture taken, ate lots of goodies...

... and drank wine.

Friday after work, I rounded up the children and went into Muskegon to spend the weekend with Mama Z. We mastered several new toys and activities, tried some new foods, learned how to swiffer, terrorized Peanut... ya know, the usual.

We also discovered if you put things in his shirt or pants, he wigs out a bit. LoL.

New foods include Oreos, Cinnamon Life cereal and tuna fish sandwiches. As always, a huge hit with the children... furry or not. 

Sunday we celebrated my Grandpa's 82nd birthday and twin cousins' 16th birthday. I obviously have a horrible sense of time. In my mind, my grandparents are in their 60s... have been my whole life. LoL. They're in incredible shape and never look any different, so I guess I can understand why I feel that way. (Or I'm in denial they're getting older.) Same with my cousins... I remember when they were wee babies on heart monitors. Now they're driving... WHAT?! God I'm old. So very very old. 

Lil Man loved Dan's hat and the Sugar Daddy sucker from great-grandma.

Pants optional.

Other than that, a pretty low key weekend. Went with Ashley to Fowler Monday to pick up her wedding dress. You're all going to be blown away... she looks gorgeous! But then again, she could rock a Hefty bag and still look pretty hot. ;)

If everyone could say a prayer for my living room furniture, I'd appreciate it. The baby gate has been lifted and Zora will have free rein starting Wednesday morning. I'm a little nervous I'm going to go home to a room full of furniture fluff... but then again, after 5 days at Grandma's, she might just pass out on the couch. Fingers crossed it's the latter. 

Have a great rest of your week everyone!
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