Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowed In

Hunker down, fellow eskimos! I ventured out this morning to pick up Brody and that was it for me. Thought about shoveling, but what's the point... should stop snowing by Wednesday, right? Now if only Gentex had a snow day tomorrow...

Nothin' new to really report. Spent my entire weekend working on a project that's due Monday. Get this fellow designers... had to lay out a 30+ page book... in Powerpoint. I know, I know. I broke so many laws this weekend and I feel a bit sick to my stomach. What a god awful program.

Other than that train wreck... my week has looked a bit like this:

Zora and Zayla decided to make a New Year's resolution of getting along. Usually Zora is biting Zayla's legs and pissing her off, but on NYE, they spooned. It was adorable.

My mom brought out a dish of ice cream and instantly became the most popular person in the room.

These two are going to be BFFs someday. I just love watching them play together. Adorbs.

Cookies 'n milk.

I decided to start a 365 project again this year. Follow here.

Snowy day means lots of playtime and napping. However, Lil Man passed out for the night at 5:15 PM. Any insomniacs or breastfeeding mommas want to keep me company when he wakes up at 3 AM?

Brody's new thing is he loves to be tickled. He'll lay down and wait for it. What a goof... but who can resist baby giggles? Not me. 

Lastly, a quick update regarding the tragic accident that happened on New Years Eve... his dad had to undergo emergency surgery to get the internal bleeding under control. In order to give his injuries time to heal and the swelling to go down, he was put in a medically induced coma. The doctors tried bringing him out of the coma a few days ago, but his vitals dropped and he was put back under. Yesterday's attempt to wake him up was successful and he is currently recovering in the ICU. Thank you to everyone who said an extra prayer for this family. Even though my heart still breaks for their loss, I am so relieved to see them finally have some good news. xoxo

Matthew 5:4 – Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
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