Monday, January 27, 2014

Fight Club Play Dates

What a weekend. All week, I had so much to look forward to... most of which did not happen. Sadness.

Last Tuesday, Grandma came with my mom to watch Lil Man. She did some baking while he napped and during my lunch, got to watch him enjoy his first chocolate chip cookie. Mama's proud. Brody also apparently enjoys Janet Evanovich novels. Who knew?

Thursday also started at 4 AM. Not cool, Lil Man. He's been passing out between 5 and 6:00 at night lately, so waking up prior to my 5:00 AM alarm happens quite often. You know it's early when everyone's already dressed and fed when your alarm goes off for the first time.

Went to my mom's Friday night and stayed through Sunday morning. It was great quality time and Lil Man loves hanging out with Grandma and Aunt Z. Saturday night, my grandma watched Brody after church while Mom, Ashley and I went to the Station for dinner. Those old people are hilarious. They gave Brody their cell phone and kept calling it from the landline. Hours of entertainment apparently.

Watching the pups nap is quite interesting. Zayla's buried under a foot of snow sawing logs, Peanut takes up an entire lounge chair and Zora apparently likes napping on top of a Frog Tape container. Crazy dogs.  

So needy.

...and there's also THIS napping configuration. Zayla's on Zora's bed, Zora took over the couch, my mom gets the floor and Peanut is snuggled in mom's belly. Such deprived fur children. 

Wait, take the back... my fur child did ^this^ to my face. I bent over to pick up Peanut and Zora ran in between and threw her head back. Knocked me to the ground, saw stars and heard my own brain splat against the back of my skull. Thankfully my eye didn't swell shut, but it is quite um... beautiful. Or something. 

Oh dog. You're lucky I love you. 

My friend Moose, who I haven't seen in almost two years, made the trip to Holland with her daughter to have a play date! It was wonderful having time to catch up and the children (furry ones included) played so great together. Get this... Brody, who notoriously flirts with the ladies, was SHY! He curled up on my lap and just stared her down. What a crazy kid! But he eventually got over it and they played pretty well together. (Two wiggle worms result in very few in-focus pictures.)  

So yeah, even though my original plans for the weekend flopped, I am so glad I got to spend time with my mom and Moose. It was a very relaxing few days, but now it's time to haul ass on Ashley's save the date cards, Etsy orders and life in general. Have a great week everyone and stay warm fellow Michiganders!
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