Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Not So Lazy Sunday

Parents/pet owners... you know those days when your child(ren) are so incredibly needy that you walk around all day yelling things like "what the eff do you want?" and "use your words!"... knowing damn well you're not going to get a response?


My children today... the crabbiest, neediest, life-sucking little piss ants.

Minus the fact that Brody doesn't stop moving for more than a second ever, he couldn't make up his mind what he wanted today. So I decided to chronicle this very crazy day in the Archambault household with my phone. The only thing these pictures aren't capturing are the bags under my eyes, my disaster of a house and the screaming that has been taking place... all day. Thanks buddy.

So backup to last night... Brody was running across the kitchen, his feet started getting away from him and he face planted on the sliding door track. Poor baby! So I'm sure a lot of today's issues stemmed from one hell of a headache.

This morning, I decided to pull a few toys out of the playroom and into the hallway so Brody could entertain himself for a bit while I finished up in the kitchen and I could keep an eye on him. He also started drinking out of a new sippy cup without handles. Big boy!

Toys didn't interest him for too long. Thanks Aldi for your super cheap tupperware -- providing 47 seconds of entertainment. 

After the kitchen was cleaned up, we all squished into the playroom and shut the door so I could keep an eye on both demons children at the same time. The played very nicely together for the most part.

Brody discovered my CD rack and it now trumps the 2,048 other toys as his new favorite. Carried around Britney Spears' first album for quite awhile, but threw my Nickelback CD behind the toy box. Not entirely surprised, I guess.

FUMBLE! Let's see who can chew on it first...

Usually we get in two 1.5-2+ hour naps each day. Both naps were roughly 45 minutes. We tried several times to lay back down... it was not going to happen despite the fact that he was rubbing his eyes the entire day.

Zora finally stopped begging to be let in and out and laid down for a nap... but Brody pestered her. So yay, no naps for either kid.

Could not keep Brody off the window ledge today. He'd climb up there and run across it... straight off the edge. There were a couple diving catches made. So I threw him and some Cheerios into his crate pack 'n play. Silence lasts only as long as the Cheerios do.

I try to avoid sweets, but I finally gave in and handed cranky pants a sucker. A Dum Dum buys me roughly 6-8 minutes of peace.

A little bit later, we ate a super early dinner. He got done eating and decided to show me what a healthy set of lungs he has. So at 4:30 in the afternoon, we started his bedtime routine with a bath.

In an attempt to prolong bedtime for as long as possible (so my morning doesn't start at 3 AM), I let Brody go completely ape shit on my cupboards. I had food, tupperware, pots/pans, small appliances, cookie sheets, etc. EVERYWHERE. But ya know what, I was able to at least inhale my food (standing in the middle of the kitchen like how most parents eat) with only one set of eyes staring into the depths of my soul.

Success story of the day... I was able to find a new workout that I can squeeze into my day AND while the children are awake! I subscribe to the BeFit channel on YouTube and found the 30 Day Fat Burn video. It's 10 minutes, makes me break a sweat and I can't feel my legs afterwards. So even if I do it twice a day, sure as hell better than nothing. 

So there I was... working out in the middle of my kitchen, in my underwear (sorry, neighbors) with two sets of judgy eyes watching my every move. Yes, I straight up told Brody it was his fault I was squishy. And nothing gets you totally psyched about working out like Disney music pumpin' through the overhead speakers. Thanks, Jungle Book... I Wanna Be Like You too.

So here I sit... too exhausted and sore to move. My kitchen is still a mess, Brody's bath toys are still floating around in the water, diapers have been in the washing machine since noon... my goal is to at least see that they make it into the dryer tonight. That's it.

After my busy work schedule last week, I was hoping for a relaxing weekend... but right now, bring on Monday! 
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