Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunshine Friday

1. I hope everyone had an excellent Halloween! I sure did. I cashed in one of my vacation days to show off this adorable little chicken to co-workers, family and friends. I've been anxiously awaiting Halloween for two years now... ever since I became pregnant with Brody and found a zillion adorable baby costumes on Pinterest. I was leaning towards Rainbow Brite and a Sprite, but opted to go with a chicken instead.  

Have you ever seen a more adorable chicken? Ever? I think not. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh. I die.

Stay tuned later for a quick tutorial on how Mama Z and I put together this easy, inexpensive costume.

2. Brody vs. Winnie... who wore it better? Sorry Jimmy Fallon, but Brody wins.

3. Can you believe last year at this time, I was 36 weeks pregnant? What a difference a year can make.

4. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile... or dog... and pizza. Whatever.

5. My little boy turned 11-months old on Tuesday. Whaaaaaaat?! :(

I'm busy cranking out birthday decorations, planning dinner and finishing up his birthday gifts. I'm so excited to celebrate at the end of the month with family and friends. 

6. So crazy story of the week. I got caught in this cluster of a gas station one day after work to fill up. Gas was about $.35 cheaper here, so super busy. When I finally was next to go at one of the pumps, the lady in front of me said there was a sign on that pump saying "cash only." I didn't see a sign on any other pump, so I ran in to clarify if a credit card could be used or not. The cashier told me that that particular pump couldn't accept credit cards, but I could still pay with a card inside. 

So I filled up... $70 later. Went into pay and the same cashier told me that no credit cards could be accepted. At all. Ummmm??? I reminded her of what she told me not 2 minutes earlier, but she just kept repeating that she couldn't accept a credit card. So I grabbed my check book and she said that was a no-go as well. I asked her what she expected me to do with the whole whopping $20 in cash I had on me. After almost two minutes of silent stare down, she started grabbing cash out of the drawer, took my $20 and told me I was all set (in a super snotty tone.)

Ummmmmmmmmm. So, yay? What a weird situation. I almost thought about sticking around watching future shinanigans since no other pumps said "cash only" and I'm pretty sure most of those people were planning on paying with plastic. 

7. I won something! I know, right!? I sign up for random blog giveaways like some sort of addict. Jennifer, over at The Chic Pad, was giving away a faux leather and faux calf hair leopard clutch and I won! Yay me! Should be here soon. :)

So week wrap up... won a new clutch, got gas super cheap, my lil man is growing up so fast and he is by far the cutest chicken ever. :)

Sometimes... life is a little rough. Those days where it's a struggle to climb out of that debilitating funk and refocus attention towards the positive. We've all had 'em. As a working mom, I know I have less than 7 miles to tune out all the negativity from whatever may have happened earlier that day and get into happy mommy mode. Even though Brody is my own little ball of sunshine and always capable of bringing a smile to my face, my Friday posts are now dedicated to recapping all the moments during the week that made my life a little brighter...
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