Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunshine Friday

Sometimes... life is a little rough. Those days where it's a struggle to climb out of that debilitating funk and refocus attention towards the positive. We've all had 'em. As a working mom, I know I have less than 7 miles to tune out all the negativity from whatever may have happened earlier that day and get into happy mommy mode. Even though Brody is my own little ball of sunshine and always capable of bringing a smile to my face, my Friday posts are now dedicated to recapping all the moments during the week that made my life a little brighter...

1. Lil Man took a few steps this week! He's been working on it the last few weeks, but had to hold onto furniture. Between him walking and his new words/sounds... I feel like I'm having an out of body experience. How is my little boy so big already?!

2. I'm so thankful Brody is a such a good eater. There's nothing this kid won't eat. He tried a bunch of new foods (and textures) this week and did wonderfully! We added cottage cheese, beef roast, mashed potatoes and braunschweiger to his list of favorites.

3. Brody has his LAST helmet appointment yesterday! As of 4:00 PM today, Lil Man will be helmet-free! I thought it wise to unleash the helmet-less dare devil on my watch instead of Miss Pam's. So all those horrifying injuries that I've been afraid of the last four month... well, they'll probably happen this weekend. God help us.

4. Mama Z and I started on Brody's Halloween costume this week. I am so balls-out excited about it, I may just die from a cuteness overload. Stay tuned. ;)

5. If you've seen me limping around all week, that's because I had half of both big toenails permanently removed. By far the most painful toe procedure I've ever had done, but it's going to be so worth it when they're all healed up. 

6. I've also been incredibly blessed to have an amazing support group in my life. This week... I struggled a great deal. Family, co-workers and others who don't owe me a damn thing have stepped it up, come to my aid and made my life a lot easier. Thank you, all of you. I'm forever in your debt.
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