Friday, October 4, 2013

Sunshine Friday

Sometimes... life is a little rough. Those days where it's a struggle to climb out of that debilitating funk and refocus attention towards the positive. We've all had 'em. As a working mom, I know I have less than 7 miles to tune out all the negativity from whatever may have happened earlier that day and get into happy mommy mode. Even though Brody is my own little ball of sunshine and always capable of bringing a smile to my face, my Friday posts are now dedicated to recapping all the moments during the week that made my life a little brighter... 

1. Lil Man turned 10-months old on Sunday. I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast! Check out his photo shoot. He's pretty adorable. ;)

2. Apparently, Brody is Thing 3.

3. Brody learned to climb this week. Oh goody. He crawled right up to the window ledge in the living room, pulled himself up and scooted right on there.

4. I also discovered that putting pieces of fabric in an empty wipes container can entertain the Energizer Bunny for 3-5 glorious minutes. And he loves rocks. Whatever.

5. In addition to learning how to climb, he apparently discovered that letting food and milk just run out of his mouth is freaking hilarious. He'll take a big swig of milk and open his mouth just enough for it to run down his face. Then during dinner the other night, his already been chewed casserole made it's way back out. Woooonderful. 

6. I scored ANOTHER free piece of furniture this week. A house in my neighborhood (kinda) had this wooden cubby/cabinet out at the end of the driveway for the taking. Thankfully a nice man stopped and helped me load it up in the back of my SUV. So in addition to my new storage space for the garage, I hung some hooks for dog leashes/collars and reorganized some bins. Yay clean garage!

7. Sadly, our department had to wish our dear Sarah farewell as she begins her new stay-at-home-mom gig. I'm definitely going to miss having another female/fellow mom/friend in the office but wish her the best! (We loaded up her office on Monday with our department children so she could have the extra practice.)

8. I had a wonderful time celebrating Asa's birthday and exploring Artprize last weekend. Read all about my adventure!

9. My fur child has claimed yet another piece of furniture in my house. I had just gotten done vacuuming all her hair off my bed and when I came back from putting Brody down for a nap, she decided to reclaim her domain. I think she forgets she's a dog sometimes too. She sleeps at night with her head on a pillow now. When I wake up in the morning, there's a furry face right next to mine. Adorable, yet another sign that she rules the roost.
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