Sunday, October 13, 2013

Practical Bathroom Cleaning + Organizing Tips

My family and I don't live in a Pinterest-esque house with hidden playrooms behind armoires, waterfall shower heads installed in the ceiling next to the tub built around a fireplace or a lawn that Better Homes and Gardens would drool over. We live in a modest house... with a modest bathroom... with toothpaste spit on the mirror, a dog who clogs the drain after every bath and a billion bath toys for a kid who only plays with two of them.

I'd like to think of this as reality for most of us. I try to keep our modest little bathroom functional and organized the best I can, but let's face it... people have a lot of stuff. With that said, let me take you on a little journey around my bathroom and show you how I keep it clean and organized.


1. My shower unit used to be disgusting. Turns out you don't need expensive cleaners to cut through all the grime build up. Spray down you tub/shower with distilled white vinegar, wait a few minutes, then scrub using a stiff brush and baking soda. My shower looks just like new.


2. In between heavy duty cleanings, give your tub a light scrub with a 50/50 mixture of distilled white vinegar and Dawn dish soap stored inside the handle of a scrub brush. Just a quick scrub a couple times a week while you're in the shower eliminates the need to do a power clean more than a couple times a year.

3. Use a 3M heavy duty hook to hang your shower caddy on the opposite side of the shower away from the faucet to keep things dry and out of the way.


4. Fabric shower curtain liners are machine washable -- clean and eco-friendly!


5. If you have little ones, then you probably have way too many bathtub toys! A curtain rod, some plastic shower hooks and cheap crates from the dollar store keep toys off the floor and allows them to completely drip dry. We hung ours at the top of the shower unit and as long as we keep the baskets to the very front and back, we have no problem hitting them with our elbows.


6. Pump bottles from the dollar store can free up a hand when giving babies/kids a bath. The larger sizes can also often store double the liquid in order to cut down on inventory.



7. Utilize desk organizers for makeup and other smaller toiletries!


8. Don't forget about the dollar store and all their organizing products! Lazy susans, shoe boxes and baskets keep your space clutter free and organized. We also use separate baskets for children and adult medication in our medicine drawer to avoid any confusion.



9. Plastic crates can especially be a lifesaver for the vertically challenged with tall cupboards. By grouping soaps, lotions and other alike items in crates, they can be pulled down together and not shoved to the back of the shelf.


10. Utilize old magazine racks to store blow dryers, flat/curling irons, etc.


11. You know that magnetic paper clip thing you never use at work? It works wonders for bobby pins!



12. Keep a bottle of all-purpose cleaner, a rag, window cleaner and paper towels in the bathroom at all times. A spare second to wipe down the countertop or mirror could save you time on cleaning day.


13. If your family never knows where anything is (or you just compulsively move stuff around all the time), labels are your friend.


Go forth. Kick off your Fall cleaning with a super tidy bathroom!
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