Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunshine Friday

Sometimes... life is a little rough. Those days where it's a struggle to climb out of that debilitating funk and refocus attention towards the positive. We've all had 'em. As a working mom, I know I have less than 7 miles to tune out all the negativity from whatever may have happened earlier that day and get into happy mommy mode. Even though Brody is my own little ball of sunshine and always capable of bringing a smile to my face, my Friday posts are now dedicated to recapping all the moments during the week that made my life a little brighter...  

1. This face! Now that those pesky front teeth have poked through (thank God), my Lil Man is back to his happy, giggly self again.

2. I love an Indian Summer! This remarkable weather all week has given Brody, Zora and I an opportunity to get outside and soak up the last bit of sunshine. After a nudie stroll one evening, Brody played in the bathtub for almost 45 minutes. He sure does love the water. He apparently thought I needed to cool down too AND clean the bathroom because there was water eevvveerrryyywwhhherreee. 

3. If you've ever held Lil Man, you know that he prefers to face outwards and refuses to be still. Even though he's the wiggliest little kid I've ever met, we had two specific awesome moments this week. While on the phone with my dad one evening, Brody sat on my lap... perfectly still... for 19 whole minutes! This kid doesn't sit still for 19 seconds let alone an entire phone conversation! It was so wonderful to be able to sit and rock him without being bashed in the face by his helmet. Brody also gave me his first hug on Wednesday. I picked him up, facing me, and he wrapped his arms around my neck and hung on for almost an entire minute. I may or may not have teared up.

4. Speaking of helmets, Mary Free Bed informed us the Brody's latest head scan indicated that he was finally in the "normal" range. Because he measured on the high-side of normal, that means there's still room for improvement. Since his helmet still fits, there's room for improvement and he's a wild child who runs into everything, we opted to keep the helmet on for at least another month. 

5. I finally got his 9 month pictures taken. Took an army of people and 3 different days, but we finally got at least a few shots of him looking our way. Photographing mobile children is on my list of Life's Most Difficult Tasks. See more of his photos here.

6. Finally got around to powerwashing my disgusting deck. Between the grill grease and green slime from my rainforest backyard, it was pretty gross. 

7. Of course I had a ton of trouble getting the powerwasher going. Thankfully, Grandpa was able to give me a quick lesson on different kinds of motor oil and after some additional troubleshooting, I was able to get the damn thing started. High five, me!

8. My parents and grandparents all came over Saturday and Sunday last weekend to help me do my Fall deep cleaning and clean up the yard. I have the most wonderful family ever. Words cannot even begin to describe how blessed I am to have them in my life. xoxo

9. Colored my hair. It needed it. Badly.

10. Miss Zora deserves the gold star for the week! My usually mischievous fur child spent the ENTIRE WEEK crate-less! I'm so proud of her! I've tried to leave her out on her own several times before. (We all remember this not so awesome experience...) Even with her gated out of the living room and bedrooms, she still found rugs to chew up and door stoppers to rip out of the wall. She's still quarantined to the dining room/kitchen/hallway area, but she has done remarkably!

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