Monday, September 30, 2013

Artprize is for Lovers

This weekend was full of beautiful works of art, love and happiness. If only every weekend could be this wonderful.

Saturday afternoon, I was invited to join Sarah's family as they celebrated Asa's first birthday! Brody and Asa were only born two months apart, so it really was an eye opener to see Asa walking around and already one year old. Crazy how fast time flies.

After the birthday party, I accompanied my parents to Artprize since they had never been there before. We managed to check out seven of the top ten and spent most of the day walking around downtown. I'm not much of a city girl, but I love how alive Grand Rapids becomes this time of year.

My parents are super adorable, just saying.

I absolutely loved the "Polar Expressed" piece by Anni Crouter. Beautiful.

Mama and Papa Z celebrated their anniversary back in June, but my dad has been holding onto this incredible diamond ring all summer waiting for just the right opportunity. He summoned his inner romantic and got down on one knee down by the river and gave my mom this amazing rock.

Thirty-two years later and more in love than ever. xoxo

Speaking of lovers, congratulations to my cousin Laura on her engagement to Steve! They met us downtown on Saturday to share the wonderful news... I'm so thrilled for the both of them. Looks like this upcoming summer is going to be packed with wedding festivities between my sister and Laura getting ready for their nuptials.

Photo credit: Tieka of Selective Potential and Eric MJ Ellis
Photo credit: Tieka of Selective Potential and Eric MJ Ellis
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