Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brody @ 8 Months: What He's Up To

Lil Man is 8-months old already.... I know, right?!

A little over a week ago, Brody weighed in at 22 lbs 5.5 oz. on the baby scale we have at home. Since he doesn't have a doctor's appointment until September, no new "official" measurements to report at this time. He's such a tank though. He's starting to bust out of half his 18-month clothes and fitting comfortably in 2T sizes. He's super heavy to hold for long periods of time. Plus, now he's super squirmy all the time so I'm not hitting my daily quota of cuddle time. :(

I think he's about ready to get bumped up on food intake. He's currently at 24 oz. of formula and roughly 10-12 oz. of food a day over 4 feedings. His time span in between feedings started to lessen slightly over the last week or so, so he might be going through a growth spurt.

Hey moms out there, when did you start weening your baby off formula? Is there a magic age/weight that babies need to be on formula/breast milk until?

A couple weeks ago, we also started giving him a sippy cup with water and puffs. He loves his puffs (so do the doggies). He actually caught on really fast with getting food into his mouth and drinking from the sippy cup... but the lazy turd refuses to even consider holding onto his bottle.

Still my lil champ at night. He takes his last bottle at 8 PM and is in bed and sleeping by 8:30 every night like clockwork. During the week, he wakes up when he hears us getting ready for work... so roughly 6 AM. On the weekends, he wakes up for breakfast any time between 6:45 and 8:45. He always goes back down for a 2 hour nap after breakfast (within the hour of initially waking up). He also naps for another 2 hours after lunch and again most evenings.

Still no crawling, but he has perfected what my grandma refers to as the "rock and flop." He has no problem getting up on all fours, rocks back and forth, then face plants.... but he sure does get where he needs to go! We can place toys or whatever across the room and he scoots over there pretty fast! As of Monday, he successfully went from lying on his belly to sitting up completely on his own!

Changing his clothes and diapers should now be considered a workout. He is all over the changing pad. I've learned to fasten diaper pins one handed because the other hand has a death grip on him at all times. I need arm and leg restraints incorporated into the changing table.

Nothing that resembles any sort of word yet, but he sure does love his noises! We have "bababababa" and "aboooo aboooo" down pat. Once in awhile, he'll share with us his loud noises. This kid has quite the set of lungs. Loves to scream and make this noise that sounds like a pterodactyl (no joke).

I don't think he has a favorite type of toy right now because he's drawn to different kind of toys at different times. Some days he likes the ones that light up and make noise, other days is the soft, stuffed ones and on occasion, he prefers the hard plastic toys to chew on. I love watching him play with the toys I had as a child. Takes me way back.

Brody's still doing very well with his helmet. I'm actually thankful for it most days. When he's up on all fours rocking back and forth, it usually ends with his throwing himself into the nearest wall/dresser/furniture leg/etc. It catches him off guard when he's playing on the floor without his helmet and he bumps his head. Maybe it's good for him to have a little reminder that he's not invincible.

We have another appointment in a week and a half. So far his Cephalic Ratio measurements have gone from a .966 to .93 to .925. A .91 is on the high-end of normal, but I'd like to keep it on him maybe slightly past that. May as well shape it to a satisfactory level as long as it's not hurting him or anything. (If I had the choice, I'd keep the helmet on him until he's learned to walk.)  ;)

Brody loves everyone and everyone loves Baby Brody. All the kids and the parents that I've crossed paths with just love him. I could not be happier with the daycare situation. Makes working full-time a little easier.

Check out how much he's grown from his 4- and 6-month reviews!


  1. Both ny kids switched to whole milk at 1 year. I think I even started just before the year mark with Jarrett though. :)


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