Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend With Bernie

My Aunt Bernie (Grandma's sister) flew in from California on Friday to spend a few weeks in Michigan with all of us. It was wonderful to see her since the last time she was here was my wedding (July 2010). It was very exciting to finally get to introduce her to Brody. Unfortunately, we had a very rough day yesterday with teething issues so he wasn't his usual bubbly self.

Side note: Brody's second tooth finally popped through the other day. Why didn't anyone warn me that Brody was hiding dagger-like puppy teeth in there?! I'm afraid to put my finger in his mouth again.... which is why you breast feeding moms out there are super brave souls. Kudos to you.

Anyways, Saturday was spent catching up on freelance work and photographing my little bug. He's so adorable with his helmet... I just want to squish his face. xoxo

I want to squish Zora's adorable furry face too. She's such a good girl. Brody and her are going to be BFFs someday soon... unless Brody continues to pull her fur out.

Saturday night, we met up with my parents, sister and her boyfriend for dinner, then spent the rest of the evening with my grandparents and Aunt Bernie. Wonderful time with family.

Helmet initiation is going spectacular! Friday night was his first night sleeping in it and it went off without a hitch. Yesterday he had to go 8 hours on, 1 hour off and other than being a sweaty lil man with sore gums, he did so well. Breaking-in time is over and from now on, he has to be in the helmet 23  hours a day for however long it takes to fix his flat.

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