Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The New Mama Mobile

For almost two years now, I've been driving the Malibu. Not just any Malibu. THE Malibu. The one that used to belong to my husband. The one that hauled around deer carcasses in the trunk -- had enough fast food wrappers, half eaten Little Debbies and sticky Mountain Dew cans in the backseat to legally classify him as a hoarder -- had so many grease/animal blood/fish gut/greasy food/mystery stains on the seats that I contemplated just lighting it on fire rather than cleaning it.

Yeah, that one.

Welp, it has been on it's last leg for a couple months now. (Thank God.) Plus the art of hauling Zora, Brody and all their crap necessities back and forth to Muskegon had become an issue. I was leery putting the 90 lb. crazy dog in the backseat with Brody... you never know when she's going to get excited and start frantically pacing from window to window. However, putting Zora in the front seat with me also made me super nervous since she likes to stand and put her face against the windshield.

So obviously I needed a bigger, safer vehicle for me and my babies.

Insert my brand new 2013 Dodge Durango SXT SUV.

So in addition to my favorite features like the sunroof, back up camera, Uconnect and a great stereo, the touch screen can store and display pictures of Lil Man. Thank you engineers who cater towards people who have super cute babies that they want to stare at while driving. 

And thank God for the backup camera. I had such a hard time backing up vehicles (even the tiny Malibu) that I simply refused to ever back-in anywhere. Now I can throw it in reverse with a teeny bit more confidence.

Clay and I had checked out a ton of SUVs and didn't even have the Durango on our list of possibilities. A salesman decided to grab the keys and show one to us anyways. It didn't spark our interest until he showed us the fold-and-tumble second row seating. Obviously we don't currently need third row seating, but the ability to tumble the bench seats gives us like a dozen layout options when we need to transport Brody, Zora and a ton of crap. 

Why more SUVs don't have the tumble seats is beyond me... it's what completely sold me on the vehicle. 

So yeah, this mama is super excited about being a first time SUV owner. Thankfully my husband knows that he is banned from the Durango without my permission and is fully aware that I will bury him in the backyard if I ever find so much as a Mountain Dew can left in there. Dog hair allowed. ;)

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