Saturday, June 15, 2013

Six Month Checkup + Family Nuptials

I wasn't sure if Brody's coughing and chest congestion this entire week was because of teething or maybe allergies, but poor Lil Man has seen better days. When he sounded like he was coughing up a lung at breakfast Friday morning and we could barely get food down him because he was so plugged up, I decided to give the doctor a call. They managed to squeeze him in as well as give him his 6-month wellness check that was scheduled for Monday anyways.

Thankfully it's nothing more than congestion and we just need to wait it out. His wellness exam went well. He flirted and jabbered with the nurse and doctor, but no shots until he's feeling better. Tank measured 28.5 inches tall (96th percentile), weighed 21 lbs 8.2 oz (94th percentile) and had a head circumference of 46 cm (97th percentile).


I'm so going to have one of those boys who are towering over me by the time he's a teenager. 

Friday evening was another Archambault wedding for Clay's cousin out in Lawton. Mama and Papa Z came over to watch Brody and Zora for the evening. Because we're super old people, we left around 9:30 (past our bedtime) and headed home.... and I missed Lil Man. xoxo

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