Monday, May 20, 2013

Week(end) With Grandma Z

What a crazy week it was last week. My daycare lady took Tuesday thru Friday off to visit her daughter so Grandma Z had Brody duty. She came to our house on Tuesday and Wednesday and then Brody went home with her Wednesday night so he could spend the other two days at Grandma's house. As much as I missed the little man, I so desperately needed a few "catch up on life" days.

Before Brody headed back to Muskegon with Grandma Z on Wednesday, we had another appointment with Mary Free Bed to get a rescan done. The helmet is currently on order and he'll officially have it on Tuesday, May 28th.

Thursday, Clay and I went car shopping. I'd like to drive a vehicle where Zora and Brody don't have to co-exist on the same seat. Transporting the two of them gets tricky. I'm afraid Zora's going to get over excited about something and trample over Brody in his car seat and I definitely don't like making Zora sit in the front seat. Too dangerous.

I was looking for a smaller SUV, but it just so happens that my top 3 are a bit on the larger side. Having only focused on the layout and space, my faves are the Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Durango. Any thoughts folks?

Anyways, back to Brody. He had a lot of little firsts this week as well.... started holding his bottle on his own, ate his first fruits, consistently rolls from his back to his belly and rolled to his right side finally. We also got him hooked on making noises while we tap on his mouth... what funny noises!

Boo loves her Brody. Sometimes I think she gets confused and really believes Brody is her puppy. She's also another huge reason Brody is (or will be) immune from all potential germs. Dogs are super awesome, but dear Lord... sometimes they need to keep their tongues out of Brody's mouth.

(Relax all you germaphobe mamas out there...)

Soooo... my parents are super awesome. Besides the fact that my mom watched Brody (and Zora) for 4 days last week and cleaned my whole house, they also created this super cool ramp for Miss Nutters. Her one and only eye has seen better days, so now she has a lit runway/ramp to help her up the stairs at night. How adorable are my parents?

Friday night was girls night with Mama Z and Ash. Drinks and binge eating at Logans, followed by hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Neiser, then cards back at the house.

Such a busy week, but I got a lot accomplished and don't feel quite so overwhelmed. Big thanks to Mama Z for taking such good care of Lil Man. xoxo

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