Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Roly Poly, Bean-Spitting, Happy Lil Man

I should get Brody certified as a therapy dog child so I can cart him around with me all day to improve my mental health. I mean, how does your mood not instantly improve when a baby laughs? Or makes sour faces from eating green beans?

Yeah, he should definitely come to work with me.

Apparently I didn't make Brody's green beans mushy enough. He has texture issues like his momma... wonderful. Guess it's store boughten baby food beans from now on. We had bean particles in his hair, all over his seat, embedded in the blanket, stuck in his chubby neck rolls, inside his pant... he was a hot mess.

We also had a wonderful Skype date with Moose and Emmalyn. She needs to move back to Michigan... badly. :(

We celebrated Clay's cousin's wedding over the weekend. Brody was a champ and got to meet a lot of new relatives. However, we discovered he's NOT a fan of loud speaker systems. The reception was cut really short for him and I after he started crying whenever the DJ would talk into the mic. 

Grandma Z and all her grandkids... Tank, Terror and Boo. What a trio.

So little man started rolling over the weekend. On the first day, it was only rolling belly to back... but just yesterday, he rolled from back to belly. Where the hell did my little boy go? He's just shy of 20 lbs, wearing 18-month clothing, eating solids, grabbing things, rolling over, very close to sitting steady on his own... my god. 

I've discovered that sometimes clothing choices for Brody make me super sad. Going from sleepers to pants to collared shirts just makes him look so much older! Now he's wearing shorts and tshirts with his little buddha belly hanging out... it's just too much. I'm gonna shove all of his squishiness back into a sleeper and pretend he's a tiny baby again.

Sleepy kids. xoxo
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