Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone and God bless our veterans and those currently serving!

This long weekend was much needed in terms of catching up on projects and snuggles with Lil Man. On Saturday, Clay cleaned out our garage and got some other outdoor projects done while Brody and I ran into Muskegon to pick up some sod. When we got back, Clay and I tackled the dirt patch at the bottom of our deck steps. Grass is slow-growing there and I am tired of Zora tracking in dirt every time she goes in and out (which is roughly 317 times a day). So yay... there's sod now. I also nicely explained to Zora that if I find one hole dug in the new grass, I will bury her ass in it.

Sunday was spent at my grandma and grandpa's house. I was delusionally hoping for amazing weather so I could finally get Brody in the pool. Yeah right. However, it was a wonderful day spent with family and binge eating.

Brody (and I) are huge fan of these little sack thingys. Although horribly messy, they provide a welcomed distraction for a half hour or so. We've shoved watermelon, strawberries, bananas and pineapple in there and he just loves sucking all the juices out.

Grandma and grandpa recovered their antique highchair with part of the outdoor table cloth. Now that you see it, you can't stop staring. They're so cute.

My big boy is also officially eating out of a highchair now. We've been feeding him in his bouncy seat so far, but now that he insists on bouncing the seat himself, it's a little trickier getting food in his mouth. Now that Brody is rolling around and is super wiggly, changing diapers and spoon feeding him are just about the most difficult things ever. I assume it's right up there with dismantling a bomb in the back of a pick-up truck flying down a gravel road while getting punched in the face repeatedly.

Or something like that.

Brody, you better thank me for taking one for the team during diaper changes. Those pins that hold your diaper together? Yeah, well, they're not poking you while you're busy rolling all over the place because they're embedded safely in my fingers.

Anywho, today was spent doing the usual (cleaning/laundry/groceries) and a little bit of laziness and TV time. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!
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