Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Thank God for the nice weather we had most of this week! West Michigan took forever to be done with winter, leaped right into flood season and then summer just randomly appeared. Anyways, Clay, Brody, Zora and I immediately ran outside after work to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. It was super glorious. Lil Man is fascinated with the grass between his toes and loves any opportunity to sit around in his undies.

Kid's still obsessed with his piggies. The fewer the layers of clothing, the closer he can get them to his mouth.

"I will eat yo arm! ... and then look pissy!"

So we have had this woodpile behind our shed for a future fire pit. Over the course of winter, Zora has taken almost every single log out of the pile... drug it into the middle of the yard... and chewed all the bark off of it. Now we have this stick boneyard going on. What a crazy girl.

As you can tell by the last two photos, my kids are scavengers. Anything within reach will go into their mouths. Oh boy.
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