Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brody @ 6 Months: What He's Up To

I'm starting to realize that "kids grow up fast" is the biggest understatement ever. My little boy is 6 months old today! How did he go from this quiet chunky immobile ray of sunshine to this teeny little man overnight?! Mind blowing.

This weather better hurry up and remember what month it is because all of Brody's 18-month summer clothes already fit without a whole lot of room to spare. I seriously can't get over how long he is now. It's crazy how when I hold him, I feel like he's already half my size. Jesus.

Lil Man also weighed in today at 20 lbs 9.5 oz. What a tank.

Kids loves to eat, but definitely has texture issues. What can I say? He takes after his momma. We've pretty much blasted through the veggies list and have covered almost all the fruits. Bananas are definitely his favorite so far. Can't shovel them in fast enough for the little bird.

We've also got him on a pretty consistent eating schedule. Breakfast at 6, lunch around 11:30, dinner at 5:00, then a bottle before bedtime. Like a mentioned in my last post, we've given up on feeding him in his bouncy seat and graduated to a highchair. Such a big boy now.

High five to Lil Man for still sleeping like a champ. Brody goes to bed between 8 and 9 after his bottle and sleeps until we wake him up at 6. We've been sleeping him on his stomach for the last month or so and he's done really great. Once he's in the helmet at night, we'll put him on his back.

Brody loooooves to roll over! If we give him enough room, he'll just roll and roll and roll then yell at us  when he's run into something and can't go any further. Originally, he'd only roll when we put him on his belly because he preferred his back. Now he rolls onto belly and stays there.

I have a feeling he'll be crawling soon. He has great leg muscle and loves to stand and bounce in his exersaucer. Pretty much have to have a death grip on him while he's up on the changing table. Such a wiggle worm. Before we know it, he'll be all over the place.

Everything he can get ahold of goes into his mouth. He has a great grip on smaller toys (as well as my face and hair) and loves to use his legs. He damn near catapults himself out of the bouncy seat. His exersaucer is still has favorite toy, but occasionally likes to just lay flat on his playmat inside his crib.

Brody's "vocabulary" continues to grow every day! He makes all kinds of noises and is currently working on his "B" noise... or roughly mmmmmmbababababa. He still is all smiles all the time.

We had his plagiocephaly appointment at Mary Free Bed yesterday afternoon to pick up his helmet. Today is Brody's first "full day" wearing it. Well, hour on, hour off until it's time for bed. He has done tremendous so far. I don't think he even realizes it's on. Miss Pam said he did very well all day at daycare with it as well. Yay Brody!

Daycare is still going very well. Miss Pam is excellent and Brody is nothing but smiles when I pick him up everyday. He also seems to be quite smitten with Pam's 20-something year old daughter. He's such a flirt. Gotta keep an eye on that boy. ;)

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