Friday, May 10, 2013

Brachycephaly + Helmet Consultation

We finally had Brody's appointment with Mary Free Bed to discuss the back of his head. Being trapped in the birth canal and the use of forceps initially created the flat spot, but when he started out sleeping 10-12 hours straight on his back every night and didn't move... at all... he was destined to have a flat head.

Note to self... baby #2 is going to start out sleeping on alternating sides.

Anyways, he did super well and had a successful scan on the first try. Thankfully the blinky toy they used to distract him worked like a cat following a laser pointer. Brody is also now officially a blood... or a crip... whatever. They had to put this little nylon doo rag on him and now he's super awesome like his momma.

Yes, now that I can't rock a pony, I throw a bandana on my head the second I come home from work. I'm cool like that.

We're so street. Yeah, I kept the little hat. I think it's hilarious.

Anyways, I thought Plagiocephaly covered any cranial flat spots, but apparently Brody has Brachycephaly which is a flat spot on the back of the head. Plagiocephaly is flat spots on the sides. A normal cephalic ratio is less than 0.91 and Brody measured at 0.966.

The red line is the shape of Brody's head (viewed from the top of his head, facing upward.) The sketch is where his head should be. Without the helmet, Brody's head will continue to expand widthwise instead of filling out the flat spot in the back.

The orthotist said we could wait a little longer and continue to sleep him on his side and stomach (keeping him off his back), but chances of things rounding out on their own are slim. Plus the younger the child is, the faster the healing time and the less fazed they are by having to wear it all the time.

So our next step is to get an unnecessary head xray (thanks Priority Health) and get rescanned and fitted for a helmet. I so wish he didn't have to wear one... especially in the summer... but I don't want to regret not getting this taken care of.

So yeah. Here we go.
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