Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mommyhood: Week 21

My lil man is 21 weeks old already. Quite a bit has happened over the last couple weeks... lots of firsts, new routines and discoveries.

Side note... saw this idea on Pinterest, but didn't get around posting it last week.

First of all, thank God the sun decided to make an appearance. During my lunch hour this week, Zora said the hell with going potty and eating and decided sunning was more important. Can't say I blame her. So I brought our lunches out on the deck and we absorbed some Vitamin D.

That evening, we even took a nice walk as a family, dug out the patio furniture and hooked up Brody's swing. Although sleepy, he seemed to really enjoy it.

Brody started on solids last week Tuesday. Mama Z cooked/mashed him up some carrots and I got to feed him on my lunch hour. He did surprisingly well and caught on super fast. We did carrots for the first four days, peas the next four and now we're on squash. Right now he has a pretty consistent eating schedule. Oatmeal and 6 ounces for breakfast, 1/2 jar food and 6 ounces for lunch, 6 ounces for a snack about 3:30, then the rest of the jar and 6 ounces for dinner.

He likes to eat. Takes after his mama.

Brody also discovered his feet last Saturday. He'll tug at them whenever he can, but it's only when he's butt naked on his changing pad or in the tub that he likes to stick them in his mouth. For once, I'll apply my filter here and not post any photos, but my view lately is of Brody's naked little undercarriage up in the air while he gnaws on his toes. Odd, but kinda adorable.

Discovered Brody is like a bird. Naps best when you throw a blanket over his head. No joke. But then again, I like to sleep with a blanket wadded up on my pillow around my head so..... is that hereditary?

We're going to be in trouble when this kid is mobile. He has to grab everything in sight... then stick it in his mouth. Front of his shirt, blanket, bib, toys, my hair, hands, toes... directly into mouth. Hoover.

There has always been this fascination with Zora... he stares her down whenever she's nearby. Thank God my sweet girl is so laid back and not aggressive. In the last week, Brody has ripped a fistful of fur out and had a death grip on her jowls. She just stares at me like "control your offspring." Such a sweetheart.

She's doing her part though to make sure Brody builds up his immunity. Whenever she approaches him for kisses, this crazy kid opens his mouth as wide as it can go and she basically licks the inside of his mouth until I can break it up. No judging.

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