Monday, April 15, 2013

Brody's 4 Month Appointment

Little man had his 4 (and 1/2) month appointment today. This kid is a frickin' champ! Nurses poked him in both thighs, he let out one cry and then immediately switched over to tease mode with his flirty lil grin. Yeah buddy!

Brody currently fits in all sorts of different clothing sizes... anywhere from 3-6 to 18 months. At only 19 weeks, he weighed in today at 19 lbs 2.8 oz, measured 26 inches long and had a head circumference of 43.5 cm (93rd, 66th and 86th percentiles respectively). That's my tank.  :)

November 29 9 lbs 1.9 oz 21 inches
December 3 9 lbs 2 oz 21 inches
December 10 9 lbs 2.4 oz 21 inches
January 3 11 lbs 9.2 oz 21.5 inches
February 7 15 lbs 4.4 oz n/a
February 12 15 lbs 5.8 oz 24.5 inches
April 15 19 lbs 2.8 oz 26 inches

Doctor gave us the go ahead to start on solids. Brody's been on 8 oz every 4 hours for a few months already. Even though he's only eating 4 times a day, I'm sure he's ready for a little change. Hmm... what shall his first meal be?

Still the best baby ever! Bedtime falls between 7 and 8:00 PM... then he wakes up around 5:45 every morning like clockwork. Last Saturday he woke up around 5 AM, jabbered for a bit, then went back to sleep until 7:30. This kid rules.

Still isn't a huge fan of tummy time, but is getting stronger and stronger every day. He isn't too anxious to roll over, but is pretty stoked about his toes that he found on Saturday. So for now, it's just naked dancing on the changing table.

Brody loves his ExerSaucer! He can also grip most of his toys pretty well, so I dug out anything that can hook onto those plastic chain links and attached them to his saucer. This may be a bit premature, but I gathered up all the bathtub toys in hopes that he'd like to play with them as much as I do. Unfortunately, he's still pretty excited about just chewing on the wash cloth. Nothing says I can't play with them still... right?


And holy crap screecher creature! I LOVE his noises! He's become so chatty and giggly... you can't help but smile. He's my little ray of sunshine. xoxo

PS... 3:28 is the best noise ever. I just about piss myself every time.

I thought Brody's head was getting um, un-flatter, but his doctor still said it was pretty bad. She's referring us to Mary Free Bed so they can monitor progress and determine if he'll need a helmet eventually.

Daycare with Miss Pam is still going extremely well and he just loves his time with Grandma Z on Tuesdays. I'm so thankful that he's in such good hands while I'm at work all day.
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