Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Doggy Miracle

If you know me or my dog and/or have followed my blog for awhile... you know that sometimes Miss Zora is a bit, um... disobedient. Specifically when she doesn't want to come inside. Most of the time, she's just in the backyard being a little shit, but there are the rare instances when she gets loose. Usually this means Clay and I sprinting around the neighborhood, hopping over fences, climbing in and out of brush piles and eventually cornering Zora behind some shed somewhere and have to carry her back home.

So Zora's been going in and out all day today. Go out, run around, come in, repeat. A little while ago, I let her out and went to check on her like 10 minutes later. That's when I saw that someone had opened up the 10 foot chain link utility gate to our backyard. No joke. The giant pin was pulled out and the gates were wide open.

Yeah. Someone intentionally opened up our gate and left it that way. Now I'm super paranoid.

So naturally I panicked because Zora knows no boundaries and we live near a pretty busy road. I yelled for Clay and when I went to show him that the gate was open, I saw Zora's white fluffy butt way over in the neighbors yard. Clay called for her and get this...... she came back into our yard and all the way inside!

I know most of you are like "yeah, that's what dogs do. You call, they come running." Um no. Not Zora. She knows being out of her yard is a big no-no and will avoid us like the plague once she's free. That fact that she came running on the first call is AMAZING! This will probably never happen again so I'm going to relish in how awesome this is.

Just thought I'd share how proud I am of my fur baby.... minus the fact that she also rolled in poop during her journey. Whatever. I'll take it.
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