Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge | Mar 8 - 14

I really enjoyed doing my picture-a-day project last year and decided to do it again... this time with a little twist. The #FMSPhotoADay challenge was created by Fat Mum Slim and each day presents its own topic/theme. Below are my photos from March 08 - 14:

MAR 08: Brody is my favorite little man... ever. MAR 09: A 6'2" Dutch lady in sweatpants is not recognized for her face. MAR 10: Zora's a huge begger... especially when there are 6 different kinds of new doggy treats sitting on the cupboard. MAR 11: The most important thing in my life is this lil guy. We got a lot of lovin' to squeeze into a couple hours each evening. MAR 12: Zora's a little anti-social sometimes during movie night. MAR 13: Brody's fascinated by his sun that blinks and plays music... although mommy is a bit concerned about strobe-like baby toys. Epilepsy, anyone? MAR 14: Well, Brody thinks so anyways. Have you ever tried formula? OMG. I had to immediately go brush my teeth to get rid of the dry heaves. Bleh!

Wanna do the #FMSPhotoADay challenge with me? Comment with your blog URL or Instagram/Twitter handle... however you're going to post.
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