Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge | Mar 1 - 7

I really enjoyed doing my picture-a-day project last year and decided to do it again... this time with a little twist. The #FMSPhotoADay challenge was created by Fat Mum Slim and each day presents its own topic/theme. Below are my photos from March 01 - 07:

MAR 01: "L" is for the bazillion loads of laundry I have every week. How do two adults, a baby and a dog create so much laundry!? MAR 02: I love my Michigan string and nails canvasMAR 03: Even though my great-grandma passed away several years ago, I still can't take her house key off my keyring. MAR 04: I kicked Clay's ass in Chocolate-opoly. Definitely luck. MAR 05: Zora loves her little "tent" under the kitchen table. MAR 06: Brody's getting so big! He loves his Bumbo seat. MAR 07: Scary movie night while catching up on freelance projects.

Wanna do the #FMSPhotoADay challenge with me? Comment with your blog URL or Instagram/Twitter handle... however you're going to post.
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