Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mommyhood: Week 15

Lil Tank is 15 weeks old today. He's grown so much over the last few weeks... it's incredible. Brody is attentive to everything... follows sounds, movement, anything that sparks his interest. His neck muscles are so strong, he's starting to grab and hold onto his toys, sometimes pushes his binky back in his mouth and loves to chew on his hands now that he's teething.

Speaking of growing... this is Lil Tank busting out of a 9 month sleeper. I guess digging out the 12 month clothes is now on this weekend's agenda. Thank God Mom and I are going to a Mom-2-Mom sale on Saturday.

Spent some time at mom's this past Saturday. Miss Zora came with... so as usual, it was a crazy shit show. Someday she'll learn that Peanut isn't a playmate and Zayla hates her legs being nipped at. Someday.

I also created a monster. I let Zora She's taken over the couches at home, but only with a sheet down first. She decided to make herself at home on mom's living room furniture. Whoopsies.

Also spent some time looking through old photos for a future blog post. Found this little gem from a Father-Daughter Dance... kindergarten... first grade, maybe? Jesus. 

Brody and I decided to play the emotions game yesterday while waiting for daddy to get home from work. Ok, he was just trying to work out a poop and I was making stupid faces. Whatever. Same thing.

Brody's also a huge bull shitter. I'm not even joking. Kid will all of a sudden go hysterical and let out blood curdling screams for 5 minutes solid, then stop.... stare right at you... and release his infamous shit eating grin. He does it with bedtime too. Passes out hard core during his bottle, doesn't even flinch when you're banging on his back to get a burp outta the lil zombie, sleeps through a diaper and clothes change.... then as soon as you lie him down and close the door... he's wiiiiiiiiiiiiide awake. WTF kid?!

The time change has also been pretty rough on him. Fell asleep around 5:30 both Sunday and Monday night instead of his usual 7:00. Funny thing is, still sleeps like a rock until 6 AM. Yes parents, Lil Tank sleeps 12+ hours straight every single night. Has since roughly week 3 or 4. Go ahead. Be super jealous. Definite perk always getting a full night's sleep.... however, it means squeezing cuddles, playtime, feeding, tummy time and a bazillion kisses into the 2 hours we get to spend with him in the evening. :(

I'm getting sooooo sleeeepy... NOPE! Just kidding!

Let's see... what else has been going on lately.... Brody's head is still super flat. Gah. I wish you could just squeeze and mold it like Play-Doh. His new daycare is going super well! Her name is Pam and she lives just a block over from us. She only has 3 other kids so it's a lot less commotion and more individual attention. She actually spends time holding and playing with him as oppose to first daycare lady who strapped him in a seat all day. Brody's always smiling when I pick him up and Pam comments on how happy he is all day. So I'm glad it's working out.

Mom still watches Brody on Tuesday. I love not having to drop him off at a daycare, but it really makes me not want to go to work. I feel like I'm missing out on a little party happening at my house all day. This week Mama Z did my laundry, cleaned the house, made dinner and gave Brody a bath. Yeah, I have the best mom ever. She's the shit.

Accidentally left Brody is his cloth diaper overnight on Tuesday. Because he sleeps for so long, we always use disposables at night, but a blonde moment makes for a very soggy baby in the AM. Hungry and saturated in his own pee, this kid still wakes up cooing and smiling. #bestbabyever.
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