Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brody @ 4 Months: What He's Up To

My little tank is going to be 4-months-old this Friday. I'm so blessed so have such a happy, easy-going lil man. Makes being a new mom and life in general a lot easier. Take a look at what Brody's been up to:

I guess I should just start calling him Tank. This week we packed away all of his 3-6 month AND 6-9 month clothes. Yup, that's right... we're in 12 month clothes already. Jesus.

I guess Summer just needs to hurry up and get here. Once the weather turns nice, our house is going to be clothing optional. Well, at least tshirt and undies. I know Brody can't wait. Kid's such a nudist. Any and all sadness immediately disappears as soon as his clothes do. Love it.

Brody also weighed in at 18 lbs 1 oz. last night. I know, right?! I should be ripped as hell from lugging this Michelin baby around. So watch out folks, if you come over this summer, it's just gonna be a couple of fatties sitting around in their underwear.

Brody's been maxed out at 8 oz. for awhile now. Still eats every 4 hours like clockwork. We've been putting rice cereal in his bedtime bottle since almost the beginning, but I'm really hoping Brody's doctor gives us the go ahead to start on other solids at his 4 month appointment. I don't think 8 oz. of formula is going to cut it for another couple months. Any other moms out there in a similar situation? Did you start your little one on solids before 6 months? Anyone else have a tank baby with an insatiable appetite?

Brody is a champ at bedtime. He's been on a really consistent schedule for almost 2 months now. He takes his last bottle between 6 and 7:00, slides into some jammies and goes to bed. No big deal. Even if he's not sleeping when we lay him down, he entertains himself for a little bit, then passes out. Best part? In the morning, his little internal alarm clock either wakes him up around 5:45ish or we have to wake him up at 6:00 to eat and get to daycare. Easy peasy.

No interest yet in rolling over, but he loves to stand and stretch his legs. Something about being diaper/pants-free makes him kick up a storm. He turns into mega-happy wild child in the tub and on the changing table. Also, although sometimes a bit roly poly, he does pretty well at sitting with a little support.

Within the last couple weeks, Brody has started to really enjoy his exersaucer, play mat and a few smaller/light weight toys. It's almost like he went from not grabbing or holding onto anything to having this death grip overnight. I'm so glad he loves his exersaucer... keeps him up off the back of his head.

He also loves "soooo big!" and peak-a-boo. Within the last two weeks or so, he's also started giggling. I love baby laughs. Best sound ever. So whenever he gets really into it, we can work up some pretty big laughs.

Speaking of the back of his head, still flat. The bumpers are doing wonders for keeping him on his side the entire night. (Unfortunately, Brody leaks out of his diaper when he's on his side... so we're going through a pair of jammies, a sheet and mattress pad every night.) His doctor's appointment is on the 15th, so we'll have to chat about what's our next move because poor kid has a super noticeable flat head.

Things are still going super great with his daycare. Our daycare lady Pam says Brody loves to watch the older boys play and starts to fuss if he can't see what's they're doing. As long as they're all in the same room, Brody's completely entertained by them.

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