Saturday, February 9, 2013

Phantom Flu Bug + a Doggy with a Death Wish: My First Week Back

It's the weekend... finally. Thank you baby Jesus.

Technically, this week should've started out super shitty and slowly have gotten better. Unfortunately, for as bad as Monday and Tuesday were, the rest of the week was worse.

Dropping Brody off at daycare Tuesday was tough. Real tough. He was sleeping hardcore in his carrier while I talked to the daycare lady and just as I was leaving, he opened those big, beautiful eyes and stared at me. I hauled ass outta there and quickly found the loudest, most upbeat song on my iPod. Thankfully I was busy at work and could keep my mind off things. My mom, dad and sister sent me a beautiful and very fragrant bouquet of lilies and roses to make the day better. xoxo

Thursday I got a call from daycare saying Brody had what looked like the flu and I had to come get him. She said he had been throwing up all day, crying a lot and his stomach was super hard. I made a doctors appointment on my way to pick him up just to be on the safe side. When I got there, he looked like maybe he was sick, but content nonetheless. By the time we got to the doctor's office, he was smiling and all sorts of happy. Anyways, not sick... apparently just wanted to be a turd for the daycare.

Friday morning was a bitch. I was ready to call it a day before I even got to work. Miss Zora, who's lucky I didn't turn her into a nice pair of furry boots, decided to stress me the F out bright and early. I had the car running, bags loaded and Brody in his car seat ready to walk out the door at 6:15 AM. Clay warned me the roads were super slippery and since my car absolutely sucks in the snow, I wanted to get an early start. I let Zora out one last time to pee and that's when that pain in the ass decided she did NOT want to come back inside.

I tried everything... nothing worked. Finally after an hour, I had to call Clay. I was suppose to be at work already, Brody was screaming, I was still all bundled up sweating my ass off and nothing stresses me out more than when Zora won't come inside when I have to leave the house.

So eventually Clay got home and I left with Brody in the truck. I figured that with the way things were going, if I had gotten Zora in myself and went to leave, my car probably would've gotten stuck in the driveway or cul-de-sac. If that would've happened... I probably would've resorted to an all day drink fest. I finally made it to work an hour and a half later and Clay managed to pounce Zora and drag her ass back inside.

So, my first week back wasn't spectacular. Let's hope for a less-hectic week two.

In not so sucky news, lil man isn't quite so little apparently. While we were at the doctors, he weighed in at 15 lbs 4.4 oz. Definitely doesn't get those genes from daddy. (Sorry kid.) His neck strength is finally getting up there and likes to sit facing outward in our backpack carrier thing. Yay more hands-free parenting! I tell you what tho, that's quite a workout squatting down to pick things up with 15+ pounds strapped to the front of you. Killer on the back and shoulders.

Speaking of working out, I've been diligently working out every day after work (except for Brody's supposed flu day). I've also been dieting hardcore for almost 3 weeks now. Um, "yay" for a whole whopping .7 lbs I've lost. Brody's going to be leaving for college by the time I shed all that baby weight.

A little dieters tip my mom shared with me that she learned at weight watchers for anyone who cares... weigh your food instead of measure it. You'll get way more food. For example, croutons... 2 Tbsp or 7 grams. You'd probably fit one, maybe two, croutons on a tablespoon whereas you get almost 9 croutons for 7 grams. The difference is quite amazing. Momma Z bought me a nice lil electronic kitchen scale that I just love.

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