Monday, February 18, 2013

My Weekend with the Pirate

Yeah, that's right... I spent my weekend with the pirate.

Miss Peanut was our house guest while Mom and Dad Z are pum runch snorkeling (aka booze cruising) in Aruba. I have to admit, I was a wee nervous about how things would play out since Zora often thinks Peanut is a chew toy play buddy of equal size and strength. Although they ended up getting along pretty well, to assure there weren't any mishaps, I spent the weekend in the following arrangement:

Me sitting at the kitchen table. Peanut in her bed on top of the table. Zora in her bed next to the table. Brody in his bouncy seat/play saucer on the floor next to me. All of us watching 2 1/2 seasons of The Walking Dead. Straight through.

I am happy to report that at the end of 3 1/2 days together, the only carnage in the Arch household was that of the zombies. I'm sure Miss Nut will be extremely thankful to go home tonight... until she finds out she has to come back Thursday and Friday this week when my sister watches the lil Brodster. Sorry Nutters.

I like how the 9 and 90 lb dogs seem to think they both fit in the same bed. Um Zora, your bed is on the right.

I pray that I never have to administer shots to my children or pets. I had to give Peanut her insulin twice a day and totally pitted out every time. I was also convinced that between Brody, Zora and Peanut's schedule medley of food, bathroom breaks, shots, eye drops, pills, snacks and insulin... something was getting F'ed up. But alas, I rule. We all survived.

I can't wait to go back to getting the bathroom alone. Wait, who am I kidding? That hasn't happened since Zora was adopted. However, it was pretty funny to see Peanut and Zora getting along...  in the bathroom... while I showered. 

Peanut also spent a significant amount of time in Brody's crib this weekend. She preferred the safety behind bars rather than be fair game on the floor with Zora. She and Brody were rather content in there for awhile Saturday afternoon.

In other news... stiiiillllll lookin' for a daycare. I told Brody's last daycare lady we were completely done with her on Friday. I can't have a daycare provider calling me to come get him every time he has a baby-like symptom. Oh you know, like crying and spitting up. I found a lady that lives in my neighborhood that I've already completely stalked online and may or may not end up doing a drive by on my way out tomorrow. She looks promising. Fingers crossed everyone. Thank God grandma, grandpa and Ash have the rest of the week covered.

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