Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommyhood: Week 12

What a week.

Since Brody is currently daycare-less, my super wonderful family has really gone above and beyond to bail me out. Grandma and Grandpa drove out to Holland from Muskegon at 5 AM on Tuesday morning. Remember solid ice-can't exceed 5 MPH-will probably slide off the road-Tuesday morning? Yeah, that one. They eventually made it and decided to have a sleepover at our house that night since they planned on babysitting Wednesday as well. Thank God they made it back and forth safely and I'm so appreciative of their help with Brody and things around the house.

Miss Peanut is back over at my house. My sister watched Brody today and will again tomorrow... so her and Nutters are camping over. I kinda feel like I run a B&B this week. A big thank you to her as well for spending her days off at work over here watching a billion episodes of White Collar with the pups and Brody.

I've gone to meet with potential daycare people every day this week so far during my lunch hour and after work. I've called over 25 places that were full and other than one lady last night, I have been pretty disgusted that some of these people have a license. One more meeting tomorrow at lunch, so fingers crossed. I'm ready to reach my breaking point. Thank God Mama Z is back home from vacation tomorrow.

Side note... happy 12 weeks to my little tank! xoxo

In puppy news, Miss Zora has had a really rough couple weeks. Has anyone else had their dog's paw pads rip/peel/flake off? Other than the licking after her pads came off, Zora didn't touch her feet. I know she didn't do this to herself. My only guess is that they got really dry from the winter air and maybe she caught them on something... or they just cracked and peeled off. However it happened, they are RAW. I feel horrible for her and I can tell they really hurt her when she walks in the snow.

I've kept them clean, dry, Neosporin, this medicated cream the vet gave me from Zora's last foot injury... more and more of the pad keeps coming off and it takes FOREVER to heal. My poor baby. We're for sure going to the vet tomorrow. Any suggestions to heal and/or prevent this? Anyone ever used Pad Heal?

In dirty mom news, I wore a sweater to work today that I had forgotten was covered in Brody urp. Yeah, super awesome. I had formula puke caked all down the underside of the sleeve and on one collar. Yum.

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  1. I wish I had days off to watch Brody. Ugh, that'd be the best job ever.

    As for Zora, I almost just started crying looking at that picture of her poor foot. :'( Noooo!!!


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