Monday, February 4, 2013

First day back to work...

Welp, I survived.

More or less.

I think it helped a lot knowing he was with my mom all day. Good thing Mondays are Brody and Grandma days so that my week starts off a little better. Tomorrow when I have to drop him off at daycare might be a different story.

I also loaded a digital picture frame up last night to put on my desk. Out of the 304 pictures on it... I think there's three of Zora, one of Clay and the rest are of the lil man. I love them all equally, I swear.

My co-workers did a wonderful job at making my first day back a little brighter. Josh bought Brody this awesome dinosaur onesie. Thankfully he included a note indicating who it was for just incase Zora and Brody were wearing the same size. Phew. Sarah made some delicious banana muffins for everyone as well. All of the projects that came in for me while I was away were all wrapped up so I didn't have to try to play catch up on anything. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

Apparently having to work at my desk and look at pictures of Clay, Zora and I on my wall and desktop were too much for Josh...

Hilarious, isn't he?

I also work 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM now which it totally awesome! With Brody's sleep schedule and my zombie-like productivity late in the afternoons, this is going to be fantastic!

Brody was suppose to have his two-month appointment today, but when I called to verify the time, they said they had him down for March 4. Umm... no. That would put him at 3 months now, wouldn't it? Not that I really wanted to add anymore unpleasantness to today, but I think I could've dealt with him getting his shots a little better with an extra set of hands from mom. Now I gotta go all alone. They wanted to reschedule me for 8AM next Tuesday. Stick him three times and then make me hand him back over to daycare and me go back to work? Umm, I don't think so.

Since I didn't have to take a late lunch for the doctor's appointment, I decided to workout at noon. Ugh. Didn't die then either.

Soooo.... success.
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