Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shake What Your Mama Gave You

Unfortunately, my mama didn't give me anything in the dancing department. I inherited my father's two left feet.......... and then I signed up for a Dancebreak (think Zumba) class. What?! Yeah, I know... what an idiot.

I saw the kiosk out front of the Intersection Ministries by my house about the class and figured:

  1. It's a free, 75-minute weekly workout
  2. Women only (I don't workout in front of men... too horrifying)
  3. Close by where I could potentially run there and back (but won't... it's frickin' cold out) 
  4. Human interaction at least once a week while I'm on maternity leave
  5. And only half the baby weight fell off the first week... scale hasn't budged since
I survived week one. And by survived I mean I did not trip over my own feet and faceplant into the floor. 

Stay tuned for week 2...

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