Monday, January 7, 2013

Quarantined Husband = Single Parent

Beware, this is my bored out of my mind post. Clayton came down with whatever has been going around about a week ago... so with no interest in a repeat of sick baby chaos/worrying, we've quarantined him in the basement. Like no joke... he comes home from work (if he made it that far), I hand him a change of clothes in the doorway and banish him to the basement. Poor Brody has been father-less all week. Wait, scratch that... poor Andrea has been other parent-less all week. The usual after 5:00 reprieve is gone. Bllaaaahhhh...

This one parent crap is for the birds. I have a bunch to do to get ready for Brody's baptism/party this upcoming weekend but I can't leave him home with a sick husband... but can't take him out either because everyone else is sick. So Clay and I basically live in a duplex right now. I live upstairs with Brody and he's confined downstairs... at all times. Trying to keep Brody healthy makes for a lonely marriage. LoL.

The lil man and I hunker down at the kitchen table in the evenings. I get one half of the table for my computer and he gets the other. Yes, Brody hangs out on my table. That's how we roll...

...and apparently Miss Zora has taken full advantage of the millions of other things on my mind because she said the hell with the "no furniture" rule. Now that I have this tiny human to take care of every second of the day, I tend to let Zora get away with quite a bit. Like when she use to dig holes in the backyard, I would run out there swearing and chase her around the yard... now I flip her the bird from the sliding door. I am but one person.

It's also Peanut's birthday today! We don't know her exact birthday... sometime in January, but my great-grandma loved Peanut... so they share a birthday. So happy birthday to Nutters and Grandma Toni! xoxo

I have been blessed with a relatively happy baby (thank God), but in case of an emergency, I have figured out two guaranteed ways to make the lil man stop crying instantly. Method 1: swimming in the tub. He LOVES taking a bath. Method 2: get him naked. No joke... the second that diaper comes off, he's nothing but smiles. Since when does cold air hitting your balls release endorphins? Oh the things you learn along the way...

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