Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayers for Gavin

I sit here tonight with a heavy heart. A family that my sister-in-law knows was given the devastating news that their little boy's cancer is back after a bone marrow transplant... only a mere 100 days ago. They have an appointment tomorrow to find out if, as she described in a Facebook post, they may only have weeks left with him.

My heart use to go out to families that have lost or may lose a child... but now as a parent myself, my heart is completely broken for them. To look down at my son who is the center of my whole world and try to imagine losing him is... devastating... unfathomable... gut-wrenching.

Prayers go out tonight for Gavin and the rest of the Sima family. Be comforted in knowing that if this is indeed all in God's hands now, that they're the best hands to be in.

Everyone hug and kiss your babies tonight...

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