Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Top 12 Must-Have Baby Items

My little Brody is a whole 7-weeks old today. He's getting so big... has even outgrown quite a bit of his 0-3 month wardrobe already. Yeah, for reals. Not sure why he's not fitting in his britches anymore... he's not unusually long and isn't a Michelin Man baby. Who knows...

Anywho, over the last 7 weeks, I have been pretty excited about/thankful for a few specific products that have made becoming a new mommy much easier. I know I was unsure about quite a bit when putting together my registry... read over countless "must-have" lists on other mommy blogs... hemmed and hawed over the supposedly over-rated items... but now I'd like to share my personal list of top baby items no (new) mom should be without.

Take it for what it's worth...

My Top 12 Must-Have Baby Items

Infant Bath Sponge
I have both the sponge and the fold-up 
tub from Walmart. The tub didn't have
any neck support when Brody was
very little. Lying on the sponge
was more supportive and kept more
of his body in the water for warmth.

Battery Nasal Aspirator
When Brody came down with a nasty
cold when he was less than 2-weeks
old, the traditional "squeeze and suck"
aspirators didn't do the job. This one,
with constant suction, worked wonders
at getting the hard to get boogies.

Wipe Warmer
I don't care if these did land on some
"over-rated baby product" lists. I'm
sorry I don't want to get peed on when
I shove an unexpected cold wipe on
Brody's bare nether regions. Why not
 give baby's buns some extra TLC?

I know some babies hate swaddling,
but Brody loves it. They kept his
flailing limbs at bay which kept him
asleep. I was more at ease with them
over blankets because I didn't have to
worry about them coming undone.

Bouncy Seat
Even more than just a place for baby
to lie and entertain themselves, it also
doubles as a place to quick set them
down when you absolutely need both
hands. I love that the seat is portable
and lightweight to keep baby nearby.

Portable Swing
Unlike most swings that are heavy and
have a 6'+ footprint, this Graco swing is
compact and lightweight to go wherever
you need it to. It also has two different
height settings and multiple speed

Travel System
I love my Graco travel system. I love
the car base options for the carrier
(vs having to buy multiple car seats).
I like how the stroller can accommodate
the carrier as well as be used as an
individual unit.

Comfy Rocker/Glider
We went through great lengths to find
the perfect rocker. Moms-to-be, please
understand that you will spend a lot of
time in this chair feeding, rocking and
sleeping. If it doesn't make you want to
take a nap in it, walk away.

Video Monitor
I would definitely recommend a video
monitor over simply audio. Brody is
a super quiet sleeper and being able to
see his chest move was very reassuring
for this first time parent. Knowing that
 he's safe and well is priceless.

Play Mat
Brody loves to be able to stretch out.
His play mat is a great way to keep
him entertained and happy. It also fits
perfectly in his crib so he's up off the
floor just in case Zora comes running
past or wants to play.

Moby Wrap
Hands-free parenting at its finest. The
wrap secures both Brody's body and
head and allows me to have both my
hands available. Having him snuggled
against my chest keeps his binky
from falling out as well.

Diaper Bag/Purse Combo
A mom's hands are full enough without
having to deal with a diaper bag AND
a purse. Skip*Hop's dual bag is large
enough with enough pockets to
accomodate all the necessities
without looking like luggage.

Obviously as a formula feeder, I don't have any breast feeding related items. So, sorry. Anyways, these are my favorite, most-used items that I feel have helped me transition into mommyhood.
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