Friday, January 18, 2013

Mommyhood: Week 7

Just thought I'd throw out a little update on what's been going on the last couple weeks with Brody...

We found out right away that Brody slept better at night swaddled because his flailing limbs would wake him up out of a sound sleep. So since the beginning, he sleeps swaddled... until this past Wednesday night. He was outgrowing his current swaddlers and we figured at some point we needed to change things up. He did pretty well the first night, but last night he slept from 10 to 5:30 without being wrapped up... so success!

No more collared shirts. Seeing him in just a tshirt was sad enough... he looks so grown up. A collared shirt makes him look like a tiny 40-year-old man. 

Brody (and I) had another sleepover at Grandma Z's this week. He came to hang out in the cloud (mom's super soft king-sized bed) with Peanut in the morning. They looked so lost in much a big bed!

Wrinkly baby butts are the best! I wish you could just hold naked babies after a bath without getting peed on. They smell so good all baby lotion-ed!

Zora likes it when one of us is gone overnight. She's excellent at keeping one side of the bed warm.

Despite all of lil man's smiles, we think he's become colicky. Awesome, right? The last week or so, he has to be held or rocked almost all the time. Afternoons are the worst. While I was at my Dancebreak class on Wednesday, he gave Clay a run for his money. It even resulted in this rogue sock accidentally spending the night in the wipe warmer. Don't ask. 

Hopefully this doesn't last long. I have two more weeks of maternity leave and will feel awful if he's miserable at daycare. There's no way the daycare lady is going to be able to hold him all afternoon. Maybe I can smuggle him into work with me under a coat in his Moby Wrap.

Even now, I'm typing this one handed while rocking him. Talented, aren't I? No. Fussy baby equals zero productivity. I had 7 loads of laundry sneak up on me, fridge is pretty desolate, managed to Swiffer... but that's it. My hair hasn't been brushed in 3 days, forgot what a shower is, don't get around to brushing my teeth until bedtime and applying deodorant/changing out of what I slept in is totally optional.

...but I manage to keep both lil pisser and the fur child alive and well, so I consider each day a success. 

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