Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hello. My name is Andrea and I take too many pictures of babies and dogs. I use to think I was a tad obsessive with photographing Zora, Zayla and Peanut... then Brody came along. The camera phone era is just so very dangerous.

However... I just can't help capture all of Brody's funny faces! He definitely takes after his momma because I notoriously have the weirdest faces in candid photos. I am especially a fan of the lil man's "pushing" faces. There's no question what he's up to...

 ...and then there are the super content/happy post-diaper change faces when he's hanging out on his changing pad.

Brody officially outgrew his newborn clothes this weekend. Yes, my 9 lb baby fit in newborn clothes for two weeks... hard to believe. For the Archambault family Christmas yesterday, he was able to rock his "Santa's Little Helper" outfit and Santa hat. He's so adorable... xoxo.

Holiday festivities left him a little pooped out.

Speaking of being pooped out, this momma is finally feeling like a human being again! We started Brody on cereal Wednesday night. I figured a tablespoon in his bedtime bottle might help him sleep longer during the night... for both our sakes. He's been sleeping roughly 6-7 hours after that bottle... which means I only have to get up with him once more during the night (usually 3-4:00) and then when we're up for good around 7:00. Not too bad.
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