Friday, December 21, 2012

Mommyhood: Week 3

Um, happy apocalypse day everyone?

This past week has had its ups and downs... but (un)fortunately, extremes of both. Let's start with the good...

I told my parents and grandparents that I don't want anything for Christmas this year and would much rather just put money towards a new camera. I've been using a point and shoot my whole life and would LOVE a dslr. I figured I'd just start saving up now and get one in the future, but Clay pointed out that, with Brody being a baby, would make much more sense to get one now. So hubby did an incredible amount of research to find me the perfect camera. We ended up getting the Nikon D7000 body with a 24-120 mm f4 lens. I LOVE IT. Super awesome pictures to come soon...

Since work Christmas parties were cancelled this year due to budget cuts, my department decided to get together anyways. I love our little group... it was such a great time! Mama Z watched Brody as Clay and I had our first outing since becoming parents.

I am also a huge fan of maternity leave. I love my job and what I do, but there's just something about being home all day with my kids... and in sweatpants. Wednesday morning was spent with all three of us curled up on the couch for cuddles and movie time. We went to Mama Z's house yesterday (and today) because I needed a little change. Being confined to the house and one sided conversations with a baby and dog get kinda old real fast...

The not-so-fantastic moments of the week include(d) my lil man coming down with a nasty cold (and passing it along to me), a family member having a mammogram scare (thankfully a benign lump) and Miss Peanut having her eye removed. The vet told my mom that Peanut needed to have her eye enucleated after they exhausted all other options. She lost sight in her one eye awhile ago and the burst blood vessels caused her a lot of pressure and pain. They tried bringing the pressure down with eye drops, but they didn't work. Besides, my mom was already spending over an hour and a half a day doing eye drops (some for the cataracts surgery she had earlier this year.)

Right after her surgery and two days after

So Miss Peanut is a pirate right now. It was hard seeing her like that at first, but things got better after you realized that this was improving her quality of life and since she was already blind in that eye, it wasn't affecting how she got around. My parents deserve some sort of "doggy owners of the year" award. In the last couple years, Peanut has been diagnosed with diabetes (requiring insulin shots 2X a day) and pancreatitis (requiring frequent vet visits), had cataracts surgery in both eyes (requiring multiple eye drops every day), went blind and now this eye enucleation. My parents never gave up on her and putting her down was never an option. I don't know if she would've been as lucky with any other owner. God bless my parents and the time and money they invest(ed) in Miss Nutters. xoxo
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