Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mommyhood: Week 2

My lil man is 2 weeks old today! Yay for surviving parenthood so far but sadness... he needs to stay a little cuddle bug until I say so!

Last weekend, Brody and I went on a getaway to Grandma Z's house. Between my mom, dad, sister and all the visitors fighting over who gets to hold him next and calling shotgun on the next feeding, I was very grateful for some r&r. My mom even took on Brody duty at night so I could get a much needed full night of sleep. I felt like I had a weekend at a spa by the time I left... 8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, big glass of wine while I swam in my mom's super awesome tub, no dog duty, etc. Dad, Brody, Zayla, Peanut and I all crammed on the couch and watched a movie Friday morning which was a great change of pace.

I greatly appreciate all my mom's help keeping my head above water and for the periodic "breaks." This momma had to focus on her emotional well-being quite a bit during the last two weeks. Damn you hormones and your shananigans.

Tuesday was my 27th birthday. I feel so old, but I think I'm going to blame that on the lack of sleep. Momma Z took my sister and I out to lunch at Olive Garden to celebrate (it was my sister's 24th birthday as well!) Brody's great-grandma Neiser volunteered to babysit so we could have a peaceful lunch and run some errands afterwards. I got home after a day with the girls and Clayton has a delicious brownie ice cream cake and bag of Ghirardelli chocolates waiting for me. Nom!

Last year I started a 30 Before 30 list... check out what I've accomplished in the last year! It's not much, but thankfully I have a few more years!

Yesterday Brody had his newborn pictures taken. Thankfully momma Z went with me because Mr. Brody wasn't the most cooperative lil guy. We did get a couple good shots in spite of all his fussiness. Too bad he wasn't as content as he was during his hospital photos (which they did a HORRIBLE job of centering!)

Hospital pictures -- a little to the right please?!

Brody also got his first real bath yesterday. His cord and the plastic piece from his circumcision took awhile to fall off. He loved it! I think he especially loved the part where he initiated me into the "mother of boys" club. So far he's only hit the walls around his changing pad, but yesterday he finally got me. Oh boys...

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